design is life

Howdy! For those of you who don’t know, I’m an architect in Dallas, Texas. I spent all of 2015 studying for, taking, and passing all seven of the Architectural Registration Exams on my first attempt. All of my free-time was spent studying and preparing for those tedious exams. Now with that major milestone behind me, I have a sizable amount of free-time on my hands and my girlfriend suggested that I start a blog to write about being an architect. So, here we go.

Design has been a consistent thread to my life ever since my pre-school days. Before I discovered architecture, I was enamored with cars. The automobile was my first love as a four year-old. For my last day at pre-school, my mom brought a giant bag of Hot Wheels cars from Toys-R-Us so that I could hand out a little toy car to all of my classmates. I had dreams of becoming a car designer, working for one of the “big-three” in Detroit. During elementary school, I started a car design club in my third grade class.

As a fifth grader influenced by the ever-changing neighborhood that my family lived in, I discovered architecture. Original 1950s ranches were being torn down and large mansions were being built in their place. I was constantly exploring these new houses – watching the different trades put up walls, run wiring, install windows, and lay brick. My goal was to always find the roll of job site drawings in the house. My own drawings and doodles quickly transitioned from cars to buildings. I began drawing houses with my free-time; scribbling floor plans and elevations in the margins of my notebooks during middle and high school lectures.

After high school, I went on to study architecture at Texas A&M University where I completed a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree and a Master of Architecture degree. Even though I always worked in an architecture office during summers, my post-college architectural career began in Iowa City, Iowa during the summer of 2010. I then moved back to my home of Dallas, Texas in the summer of 2013 to work for a large architecture firm. Currently, I work for a small eight-person firm and enjoy working on a wide variety of projects.

More than twenty years have passed, and design is still a central part of my life. Will you follow me while I show you what the world looks like through my eyes?

2 thoughts on “design is life

  1. I’m a student Architect with similar passions. I want to pursue a career in automobile design even now. The design methodologies are not so different, in my opinion. Interesting article, by the way. Cheers!


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