My name is Nick Thorn. I am a licensed architect in Dallas, Texas. Over the course of my young career I have had the pleasure to work on a wide variety of projects across the country. I grew up in Dallas, Texas, went to school at Texas A&M University, lived in Iowa City, Iowa for a few years, and moved back to Dallas in 2013.

I am an architect for Malone Maxwell Borson Architects. We are an eight person architectural firm in Dallas with a wide-ranging portfolio of custom residential, commercial, and corporate interiors projects.

I live in a sweet loft apartment in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. The view of downtown Dallas from the roof is simply amazing. I drive a Volkswagen GTI and have been hooked on VWs since I owned my first one as a senior in college.

My sister is a lawyer and has moved to Florida with her husband. My parents are both retired engineers who still live in my childhood home here in Dallas. My wonderful fiancé is an instructional coach at an elementary school in the North Oak Cliff neighborhood.

I am a co-chair for the AIA Dallas Communities by Design committee, which is a committee that focuses on design related issues that impact our city; and the Young Professionals committee, which is a committee supporting the needs of unlicensed designers and licensed architects in Dallas.